Contact the Board

Individuals may contact the Company's entire Board of Directors or an individual director by sending a written communication to the Board or such director in care of:

Corporate Secretary
Willdan Group, Inc.
2401 E. Katella Ave.
Suite 300
Anaheim, CA 92806
United States

Each communication must set forth the name and address of the stockholder on whose behalf the communication is sent. Each communication will be reviewed by the Company's Secretary to determine whether it is appropriate for presentation to the Board or such director. Advertisements, solicitations or hostile communications will not be presented. Communications determined by the Secretary to be appropriate for presentation to the Board or such director will be submitted to the Board or such director on a periodic basis.

A stockholder wishing to communicate directly with the non-management members of the board may address the communication to "Non-Management Directors, c/o Board of Directors" at the same address set forth above. These communications will be handled by the Lead Director, who presides at the meetings of non-management directors. Finally, communications can be sent directly to individual directors by addressing letters to the director's individual name, c/o the Board of Directors, at the address above.